Decking Materials Beyond Basic Lumber

Thomas Lumber Company prides itself as being a leader in the Atlanta, Georgia areas for offering a wide variety of decking products.  We are always striving to educate our customers on the different products we both produce and keep in inventory in our Cumming, Ga showroom.  Being based in the south one of the more […]

10 Ways to Fight Pollen at Home

Thomas Lumber Company loves when spring starts blooming.  Everything around us starts to peak its heads out from their winter slumber.  All the flowers have blooms on them.  Every where you look there are colors making everyone want to be outside enjoying our outdoor decks, backyards and playgrounds.  The one negative side to spring in […]

10 Easy Edibles for First-Time Gardeners

Thomas Lumber has started producing Raised Bed Garden Kits for sale to our customers.  These kits are made out of Western Red Cedar to keep with the all natural approach most of our home gardening friends prefer.  These kits are made to produce a raised be 4 feet wide by 8 feet long by 8 […]

Gardening in Raised Beds

Gardening in Raised Beds By Joe Lamp’l Raised garden beds provide a custom environment By JOE LAMP’L Given the option, I can’t imagine not utilizing raised garden beds. They offer a simple and effective way to create a healthy and productive garden by manipulating the growing environment. Ideal conditions can be created for soil structure […]

Building Raised Beds

Building Raised Beds By Joe Lamp’l Raised beds offer the best way to control soil composition and drainage By JOE LAMP’L I’m often asked about gardening in raised beds. It’s one of the best ways to grow productive and healthy plants and given the option, I’d choose raised beds every time. I attribute much of […]

Growing a Greener World Episode 406 – Setting Up A Garden

Growing a Greener World TV Raised bed garden with Western Red Cedar from Thomas Lumber Company.

How to setup a complete Raised Bed Garden area. Our friends at Growing A Greener World TV called us last year about their Raised Bed Garden project going on in Alpharetta.  They were interested in Western Red Cedar 6″ by 6″ posts due to Western Red Cedar’s natural untreated resistance to rot and decay.  Plus […]

The Crate Conundrum: A Safe Place for Your Pooch

Get ideas for a comfy den for your dog that works well with your space too Christine Tusher Houzz Contributor   In a perfect world, our dogs are furry angels who spend their alone time dreaming on their dog beds, munching on kibble and chewing the dozens of squeaky toys we spoil them with. But […]

Gardening for the Bees, and Why It’s a Good Thing

Thomas Lumber Company knows how important our environment is to our daily lives and health.  Our customers with gardening projects have been buying our Western Red Cedar from us for their gardening needs since is a product that is free of any chemicals and naturally resists rot.  We want to help continue the growth and […]

Comfy Cottage Style With an Industrial Touch

Designed for a lifetime of togetherness, a new build in British Columbia mixes universal features with easygoing looks Becky Harris Houzz Contributor. Hi There! I currently live in a 1920s cottage in Atlanta… More  This couple wanted a home where they could grow old together, and so they designed it together. Just a block from […]

Raised Beds or Other places: Tell us where you grow your fruits and vegetables.

Growing a Greener World TV Raised bed garden with Western Red Cedar from Thomas Lumber Company.

Day Light Savings Time is this weekend which means Spring is just around the corner.  Now is the time to start planning where and what vegetables you are going to be growing this year.  Many of our customers don’t have lots of land to plant big gardens that could feed a village.   Even if they […]