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Ponderosa Pine Paneling

Ponderosa Pine Paneling
This beautiful honey-colored softwood is often chosen when appearance is more important than strength. Ponderosa Pine has a straight grain and mills to an even, smooth surface.  This quality helps to look great in a room whether it is painted, white-washed (shown in photo), stained or left natural.  The smooth finish and density of the wood make our PonPine paneling a great  product to use in well trafficked areas of your house.  It will stand up to the abuse thrown at it for years to come while looking great. 

Our PonPine paneling is milled directly here at Thomas Lumber Company.  Our years of experience creating quality paneling assures you get a smooth, quality product every time.  We don't buy our product from different mills, which can cause you to have a mix and match of grades along with a different finish on each piece.


Thomas Lumber Company offers Ponderora Pine paneling in the following sizes:

1x6 Tongue and Groove Beaded

1x6 Tongue and Groove V-Joint

1x8 Tongue and Groove V-Joint

1x8 Tongue and Groove Beaded (special order only)

2x6 Tongue and Groove