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Primo Ceramic Charcoal Smoker Grill - Extra Large Oval:

The Primo Extra Large Oval Charcoal Grill is the ultimate outdoor ceramic style cooker and smoker. This ceramic kamado style grill efficiently retains heat, locking in moisture and flavor. You can even smoke for 20 hours at temperatures as low as 180 degree Fahrenheit, or turn up the heat to more than 500 degrees Fahrenheit for perfect searing. The Primo ceramic grill is made in the USA which sets it apart from the Big Green Egg and Grill Dome. This Extra-Large Oval BBQ Smoker Grill is one of the biggest ceramic cooker on the market today. Its oval design offers all of the cooking space that you need. It s time to graduate to the next level in cooking and grilling by cooking on one of our Primo Ceramic Grills. Experience the thrill and ultimate satisfaction of preparing the most sensational foods imaginable.



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Patented Oval shape

Our unique oval design allows for greater flexbility and versatility.

Direct & indirect

Our unique oval design also allows for you to cook using both direct and indirect methods at the same time! Using our divider plate, you can cook a steak with direct heat on one side and chicken with indirect heat on the other side!

Spectacular taste

Primo makes it fun to cook. But more importantly, Primo gives your food the absolute best flavor. You need to taste the difference!

Made in the USA

Primo grills are the ONLY ceramic grills made in the USA. Our founder and leaders oversee the entire creation process to ensure each grill meets our quality standards.